Does anyone want to create a programming language?

0 Sheldon Juncker · June 19, 2014
Hi, all!

I'm currently creating a new web development programming language, using C, Flex, and Bison, and I need to find some developers who want to work on the project with me. The language is called Coal and is an object-oriented, optionally strongly typed, scripting language. The syntax is sort of a mix between PHP and Python. You can read some documentation on the language at

The basics of the language are already there, and here are some of the more important features that I've already created:

  1. Objects with Inheritance and Encapsulation

  2. Optional Strong Typing

  3. If / Else-If / Else, While, and For Statements

  4. Functions with Optional Arguments

  5. Integers, Doubles, Strings, Arrays, Dictionaries, and Booleans

  6. MySQL Database Connectivity


  8. Apache CGI

If anyone is interested, I will post the project on GitHub, so that people can help me to develop the language.

I'm really hoping to find some developers who want to be a part of the web's next best programming language. :-)

Let me know if you're interested!

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0 Sheldon Juncker · June 21, 2014
Thanks, I'm going to need it!
-2 silent horn · June 21, 2014
Good luck
-1 Sheldon Juncker · June 20, 2014
Over the past two or three years, I've played around with creating a programming language, but I never had the time or the knowledge to get terribly far. A while ago, I converted Jack Crenshaw's Pascal interpreter (  to C and expanded it; now I've created a language in C using Flex and Bison.

So, you're probably thinking that I'm not knowledgeable enough to create a programming language, and you're probably right. However, I've gotten way further than I ever expected to and there hasn't been a feature yet that I've tried to implement and couldn't. I'm learning as I go, and I'm hoping to find developers who know more about C and interpreters than I do and who can help to develop the language.
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