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+2 Jessie York · March 7, 2015

I am frontend JavaScript developer. In first video of this Course:

it is said some Java knowledge required. (I just have very very minimal Java knowledge, though)

Can I study this course or should I learn the Java completely first?


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0 Jessie York · March 8, 2015
Thanks pals.

Will have a look at the Java.
0 Roman Smirnov · March 8, 2015
Definitely Java first. You don't have to be an uber expert, but familiarity with a lot of concepts is a must.
0 Vera Hurst · March 17, 2015
Java first! Learning Java will help you understand the concepts better later onwards.
0 Jason Knight · March 8, 2015
Bucky has an awesome series for beginners to Java here id probably give that a crack first just so you know what is going on :) 
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