Android Studio Emulator takes forever

+1 Adonis Baba · March 6, 2015
Hi, i'm very very sorry if i didn't write this in the right section or topic or whatever but i'm pretty desperate to find an answer.

I followed Bucky's tutorials (Android App Development for Beginners) and he said it will take some time for the emulator to start at first so I waited for more than an hour (maybe even more than 2) and it didn't show anything else rather than the white android on black background. I tried to create another one (because the tutorials said so) and waited again for more than an hour (still waiting) but it just won't "turn on the phone".

Any suggestions?

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0 Said Robley · March 6, 2015
try to get Genymotion it's fast
0 Adonis Baba · March 6, 2015
I got it but when I try to open it it says that VirtualBox failed to install properly or something like that.
0 Dol Lod · March 7, 2015
Get an i3 minimum for the CPU,  at least 4GB Ram, install HAXM and try again. Honestly, I would just use a real android phone b/c using emulated devices may not always be accurate and it is much easier to use. 
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