Problem with the emulator!

0 Anuj Narayanaswamy · March 5, 2015
Someone plzz help me out!
i have an amd core so i followed the steps:
1. Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator already installed.
2. Created a Virtual Device using Nexus 6 ~ something called arm... Got it!
Then i try to run the virtual device. The first time it loads but i couldnt drag it to the center of the screen no matter how much i tried, so i decided to try again. This time i got an error saying:

"Cannot set up guest memory 'android_arm': Invalid argument
 Error accepting connection, aborting"

I tried running the VD 3-4 times but no change. Should i try another virtual device?

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0 David Hurd · March 6, 2015
Try Genymotion... read this----->
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