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+1 Saba Abesadze · June 18, 2014
I have a monitor with DVI-D(Dual Link) and VGA inputs. VGA works fine but when i plug one side of DVI cable to my monitor and other side to my DVI-I(Dual Link) graphics card output, my monitor warns me that there is no video input. can anyone help me ? I want to make a dual screen setup with my DVI and another VGA monitors

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-1 kristian Tjessem · June 21, 2014
I found some useful information on Nvidia.custhelp.com

tldr of the below: you might have 2 different outputs, but it does not support dual monitor, it is only there to bring som flexibility.

you might wanna figure out which card you have and see if it supports dual monitors.

"NVIDIA based graphics cards which carry a DVI-I connector are fully compatible with flat panel LCD monitors which typically have DVI-D cables.  The DVI-D cable will only read the digital signal from the DVI-I connector on the graphics card and ignore the analog signal.  If your NVIDIA based graphics card features two video out connectors (ie VGA + DVI), it does not necessarily mean that it will support dual monitors at the same time.  Some NVIDIA based graphics cards will  look similar to Figure 2 which features a DVI-D connector as well as a VGA connector.   These cards generally will only support a single display at a time, not dual monitors.  The reason for having two different type of connectors is to allow you to connect either an analog or a digital display to your PC. "

hope it helps.
0 Saba Abesadze · June 28, 2014
Thank you for your answer. 
I have a nvidia geforce gt610 graphics card but I think there was a problem with my monitor.
I don`t know why but sometimes it was working with DVI cable and sometimes not.
After some research I found this adapter on ebay http://nvidia.custhelp.com/rnt/rnw/img/enduser/kb221_3.jpg and now it`s working fine. I have my two displays running on VGA
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