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+3 Tim Bogdanov · March 4, 2015
It's been a while since I've started using something other than notepad++ which was my first and favorite text editor. Not saying its bad. After that I switched over to which didnt take long before i switched to sublime text which i used for the longest time. Used it on windows, OS X and eOS. Before I switched to my current text editor i used Coda, Text Wrangler, Brackets and many others. Recently I switched over to Espresso by Macrabbit Which is by far my favorite for my needs.


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+1 Nikola Novakovic · March 5, 2015
Well I tried a lot of crap, from Notepad++ , Aptana, Eclipse etc. Recently switched to Vim with Sublime. I use vim for small edits and simple things like adding a function or correcting some spelling bugs or doing a clean commit, but when I need to add a feature or some critical bug fix that requires a few file sopen at the same time then I use Sublime.

Why this combo ? Simply because they are lightweight and really powerful if you know how to work with them. Things like JetBrains editors are good , but they are too bloated in my opinion and I don't use 70% of it at all. Vim is tricky to learn at first, because it is a bit different and you really need to be a 'nerd' to use it, but once you get used it it helps you out with your workflow. 
Sublime has tons of plugins and themes and I customize it to my personal needs which are mostly some librarires for snippets, jslint etc.

If you have a Windows machine don't try to install vim. It is a pain in the ass. I am currently running Ubuntu 14.04 as my daily driver for around 2 months already and it has been an amazing experience. Tomorrow switching to OSX since macbook pro is coming ;) But anyways if you are trying to do something other then PHP ( even stuff like Symfony or Laravel will brake ) don't use Windows. Especially if you do a lot of Rails like I do. Get some sort of Linux if you don't have money for MacBook and feel the freedom :)
+1 Rehman . · March 5, 2015
i have been using sublime text from sometime but then i switched to phpstorm because it indicates the error if anything like some semi colon is missing basically its so helpful to indicate syntax error, sublime doesn't do that.
+1 Marina Gournianaki · March 6, 2015
For a few months i had to deal with really big xml files with products and all that stuff basically for indexing purpose. Nothing handles better such files than sublime. Not so great for actual coding though.
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