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+1 Jake Scaife · March 4, 2015
Hi all,

I seem to be having some major issues with readability when I'm writing code in Java, using the Eclipse IDE.
So i'm just wondering if I could get some quick feedback, on ways to improve my code readability.

I've made a quick, simple grading program with a few different features - case, if, try, etc.. Any feedback on how to make my code look "better" would be greatly appreciated. ( Such as whitespace, bracket placement - etc)


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+1 Jake Scaife · March 5, 2015
Thanks for the feedback @Arjun, I will implement those techniques from now on!
+1 Jake Scaife · March 5, 2015
@Abdullah I find that using the code tags often ignores my code indentation, which was exactly what I was focusing on in this post. Just laziness on my part, apologies!
+1 Dol Lod · March 4, 2015
Always have brace started on new lines. ie.e. Tab every time you apply braces for loops. 


Align, try, catch and finailly. 

If you see that you've got huge blocks of code ex. 50 lines Try and see if you can delegate the work to a function instead. 

Wrap if things look like they are getting way too long for things like parameters, funciton calls, and initiliazing array elements through braces. 
0 Abdullah Nauman · March 5, 2015
Please the code tags. That screen shot hides a lot of your text. Especially on mobile devices.
0 Jake Scaife · March 5, 2015
I'm guessing you don't approve of my generic exception catching? :'(
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