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0 David Hurd · March 4, 2015
Hi Bucky, I began a Coursera course in Android developement but the professor assumes way to much and goes too fast for me..I  posted about my problems in their Discussion forums and someone sent me to thenewboston and your videos... You are good teacher .. I ran into trouble in bringing up the Nexus 5 with the AVD manager, I checked and I have indeed installed the HAXM accelerator, so why am i gettng this error message? 

cPU acceleration status: HAX kernel module is not installed!

My system: Dual core at 2.10GHz
3.75 GB usable RAM
64 bit Windows 7

is my computer hardware adequate for using Android Studio.?

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0 David Hurd · March 5, 2015
Thank you, maybe there should be a FAQ section for questions asked more than say, 10 or whatever seems appropriate, times?
some of us need more help than others, no need to get testy..... I am editing this post after installing Genymotion..
I got the Genymotion icon in my Android Studio so hopefully it will work.
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