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0 sempala richard mukisa · March 4, 2015
In your first year, Systems Analysis and design Course, you were asked to go out get requirements and design a system. This assignment continues with that assignment by enabling you to implement a system using vb.net.
For the system you undertook:
a) Refine the scope of the system. Describe in 2-3 paragraphs the scale of the organization you visited, and their target audience (customer base). Modify your problem to suit a desktop based solution that can use vb.net windows forms (i.e. mobile or web-based app are out of scope for this assignment).
b) Identify the actors involved in use of the system. Remember to include appropriate management and system support personnel, and external systems if applicable.
c) Identify about 5-7 significant (i.e. non-trivial) use cases for the system. Remember that each type of actor should have some use cases, and include support, management, and administrative functions, not just end user functions. For this system, do not include login use case, concentrate on user functionality.
d) Determine the primary actor for each use case.
e) Prepare a use case diagram for your system.
f) Provide detailed documentation for each of the use cases.
g) Prepare an activity diagram that shows how the use-cases are related.

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0 Glenn Walker · April 2, 2015
Not really something that complicated.  I will offer to do it as well, but I want the degree too.
+1 Jake Scaife · March 4, 2015
If I do it, will you give me the degree?? :)
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