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+1 Jessenia Gonzalez · March 3, 2015

I am a stay at home mom who is very new to computer programming. I came across Bucky's Youtube video "HTML and CSS Tutorial". At the end of each video, he always says, "Check out thenewboston.com". So here I am. =) 

Browsing through the videos and tutorials section and the forum section I realized even more so how many different programs one could potentially learn how to use on here. 

A little advice would be appreciated though. 

Currently, I'm trying to build an interactive website for my grandparent's shop so they could sell their items online and potentially increase their sales. I've got plenty of time to learn and attempt to do this on my own as opposed to paying someone else a monthly fee to do it. 

I just want to know, in your opinion, which program would be the best for this. As I said, I'm currently watching and studying Bucky's 'HTML and CSS Tutorial'. I just want to make sure I'm not wasting my time learning the wrong program. 

Thanks in advance for your input. =)

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0 Kathleen Oehler · August 18, 2015
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0 Wood Simbeye · June 4, 2015

Since you say you have plenty time to learn and attempt to do it on your own, please do so. It will be worth it. When you know code, even if you go the WYSIWYG drag and drop interfaces way, some of them also provide a facility for you to embed your own code to fine tune your site and customize it to your taste. New skills certainly can't be a bad thing.

Good luck.
0 Cardinal Coog · June 2, 2015
Hi Jessenia,

I commend you for wanting to help your Grandparents and for wanting to learn how to write code. Programming can be a lot of fun, but it can also make you want to pull your hair out or, at the very least, turn it prematurely gray ;-)

Now, with that said.... Have you looked at any of the free alternatives to building a website without actually learning to write code? Weebly and Wix both have easy to use WYSIWYG drag and drop interfaces. Both have online sales capability but that might cost a nominal fee. 

Yes, I know the hardcore programmers look upon such sites with disdain; however, for a beginner that's not a bad way to begin to learn layout/design/functionality, etc. Plus, it's a quick way to have a web presence which means increased sales. That's the whole point, right :-)

Good luck.


0 Dave . · June 2, 2015

You will need more than just Bucky's tutorials to accomplish your goal.

Another good resource is http://www.w3schools.com/

They have great tutorials and lessons @ no cost. 

Good Luck and if you can't get Good Luck make your own.
0 Jessenia Gonzalez · March 4, 2015
Thank you so much for responding! =) I'm glad I started off the right way. Phew.. Haha. So far everything I have been learning has been very interesting. I'm hooked. Haha. Hopefully, it stays that way through all 4 languages. Thanks again for your input. I really do appreciate it. :)
0 danial saufi · March 4, 2015
For me the HTML and CSS Tutorial is a great start for a beginner who wants to build a website. The next step is javascript and html5 and css3. Since you are aiming to build a online shop, php is needed also. these 4 languages is the best for website building. So just focus on these languages and master them completely. There are wonders that these languages can do. Its not limited to websites only. However be prepared because learning 4 languages is not easy and can solely bring you to a point to give up. just progress slowly and you can do it :)
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