What are some good web hosting sites

+3 Jacob Beck · March 3, 2015
I am making a web site and have a lot done. I want to get it on the web and start testing it and to make it live. It is my company website. I have HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and Jquery. his site has multiple pages. What are the best web hosting sites.

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+2 Tim Bogdanov · March 4, 2015
if you'rea a designer or develper you should be using https://www.digitalocean.com

1. SSD Hosting
2. Very terminal based. ex. accessing the database through the terminal. (something you'll need to learn anyways)
3. Its built for developersby developers (obviously).
4. Its prolly the nicest looking UI out of all the rest.
+1 Jacob Beck · March 5, 2015
Thanks for the replies. I got a server.
0 ravi sharma · August 29, 2016
Siteground best !!! and free too 
0 Tim Bogdanov · March 6, 2015
where did you get it at?
0 Devid E · August 10, 2016
Try https://www.owhmp.com/ Marketplace for web hosting. Start at $3/Mo.
0 Abhinav Shukla · March 4, 2015
The best and most likley the cheapest is godaddy.com. You can find both hosting and domain names. 
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · March 4, 2015
hostgator and ipage are not bad too. Been enjoying them.
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