More channels like thenewboston.?.

+3 Erp Eight · March 2, 2015
I was searching for more channels like the the new Boston I an on YouTube for tutorials on web development. . If anybody know let me know.

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+2 alex constantin · March 2, 2015
If you want to learn Python, I watched Bucky's series first and moved on to sentdex, a channel specialised in Python. So for another language, I would watch Bucky's tutorials first and then browse for channels dedicated to a certain language.
+2 Branislav Lazic · March 2, 2015
To be honest.. not quite. Problem is that Java web application development requires whole set of technologies so I didn't yet meet channel that teaches even most necessary.
Here is list of some:

Java Brains: Spring, Hibernate JAX-RS API, RESTful web services design, Maven, basics of JavaEE.
Pros: Contains almost everything necessary for beginning of Java web application development.
Cons: Lacks tutorials about some web application framework.

gontuseries (looks as a promising channel): Spring MVC (can be used to replace JAX-RS)

Artur Vin (messy but guy has knowledge): JavaEE (JSF )

Jiri Pinkas:

  • Java web application development tutorials by using: Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Twitter Bootstrap, Apache Tiles, Maven

  • Java web application development tutorials by using: JSF, Primefaces, Spring, Maven

vaadinofficial (no concrete tutorials, only innovations related with Vaadin): Vaadin

My humble channel: Spring security

Best recommendation: "Professional Java for web applications" book (best book for Java web application development I ever found!)
+1 Branislav Lazic · March 2, 2015
Derek Banas is great. But as a marketer. Tutorials for special areas of some programming language are done pretty damn well. However, tutorials about programming language core are quite poor. Done fast in like one hour.

If you are looking for tutorials about Java, I strongly recommend "Java Brains" by Koushik Kothagal. 
+1 Jason Knight · March 6, 2015
php academy is great, it's done by a couple of British guys  they do PHP and javascript.
+1 Dol Lod · March 3, 2015
Derek Banas is seriously good. He taught me enough to build my own Android application from previously not knowing anything. Alternatively, I would just search what you want on Google, that's how I found this site and other tutorials I've watched. 
+1 Sampan Verma · March 27, 2015
The new boston haves a lot of good tuts. 
I know this LevelUpTuts is very good Web Developers.
Awful Media (they donot make tuts anymore) are also a good resource for some knowledge.
The Sivart is Game Maker Tutorial Channel(I think) In all his tuts he will present new concepts.
I watched rm2kdev video of Game Maker Physics, they were good.
Also Heartbeast is also a good tut site
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