How to land a Job in php development

0 Hanky Banky · March 2, 2015

I teach myself coding now since a few month

so far I learned html css html5

because i find these "languages" boring i started now with php, javascript and a bit of python

Im a chef by trade but im tired of cooking for people beeing honest, I feel programming seems a bit better than cooking nd i find it more interessting.

Since I thought everything i know myself i would like to know what are the minimum requirements you should have when applying for a Job in PHP Development??

So far i can say I get the point of programming all the way to object oriented programming

Overall I would describe my coding skills as basic to a bit advanced.

Unfortunatly i dont really have a project yet to show for because im jsut testing and playing around.

So again what you guys think I should be "perfect" in when applying for a job so that i have a chance to actually land the Job??

Another Question I have is, whats the point in learning 6 different lnguages, i know most languages are basically the same so should i go ahead and practice them all or should i just focus on becoming very good at 1 language??

The last question is, looking at industry standards, will regular server side languages like php and javascript still play a role in the future or is it better to specialize on languages like swift or android development since a lot more smart phones and tablets aare currently sold than PC's??

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0 Jason Knight · March 6, 2015
This is just my opinion... I am not a HR rep for some fancy silicon valley web dev company ... but as for your first question I think if you want to land your dream job... you'll probably need to build yourself up a portfolio... you know build a couple of awesome websites that you show off your skills nothing to complex just what you think is appropriate ... you can also contribute to some community projects on GITHUB, i couldn't see a reason why an employer wouldn't take that into consideration. I know that when i was looking for employment in PHP not single ad was interested in qualifications just evidence of previous work. 

for your second question. That depends... if your looking at becoming a server side employee knowing PHP may get you the job but knowing related languages may get you a +1 but if your applying for a job in PHP a start up company would be thrilled if you could help on the front end with javascript and possibly AS3... but a big company wont let you near there front end.
So in summery ... maybe a few closely related languages.

and finally the open web isn't going anywhere... it's in a tough spot at the moment on the mobile front... but total web use is still pretty high.... and the W3c is working on a few plans the get users out of the walled gardens of the app stores and back on the open web... but anyhow if the web died and apps were all we had there  absolutely is a future for both  i've messed around with making apps both in java and phonegap and still use PHP as a back end the same as a website, and javascript can be used along side frame works like phonegap and steroids.js   to make fully cross platform apps without having to learn multiple languages.
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