contructor error

0 gaurav krishna · June 17, 2014
hey bucky in ur c++ tutorial u taught how to create class in separate files in codeblocks....
i din just as u directed but whenever i compile it shows this error...
undefined reference to `WinMain@16'

but when i do the same coding in dev c++ , it works fine without errors... pls help me ,how to corretc this in codeblocks...

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+1 Alexander Taylor · June 19, 2014
you created a win32 project so it is trying to reach the WinMain function as its entrance point, while you have probably writte main as your entry point, easiest fix would just be to change main to WinMain, or you can google for "WinMain c++ entry point" and you will get quite a few helpfull links

WinMain -
-2 gaurav krishna · June 21, 2014
thanks for the help
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