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0 Mike McAlexander · June 17, 2014
Hello Everyone,
I have a website and a YouTube channel that was really starting to take off and get attention and then google hit me with the "invalid click activity" suspension followed by my account being disabled. I am very upset and lost. I've read countless articles on people going through same thing and it sounds like this is a lifetime banning. I put soooo much energy into this work and now I feel like for nothing. What are my options. Are there any alternatives to making a few bucks on youtube without adsense? I'm more concerned with YouTube than my site. With my site, even though it does suck that I lost it there as well, I can always put up no ads or affiliate links to products in my niche. I am open to any help. If Bucky has any experience with this, I would also be greatly appreciative to hear it. Thanks!

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0 Mike McAlexander · June 17, 2014
illegal click activity  I clicked ads less than a handful of times to test my site when new pages were uploaded but not to the point where I should be disabled forever. From what I read online is that google has been on a rampage disabling a lot of accounts. I understand why they have to do it. But its not a fair process.
+2 Samuel Oloruntoba · June 22, 2014
adsense has done that to a lot of people recently, well you could consider other options like media.net, chitika
0 Nathan Lloyd · July 16, 2014
I got banned from Google Adsense a few years ago, I wish I didn't though...
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