Making an exe from a python script

+1 Steve Medley · March 1, 2015
Anyway to turn these python scripts I'm learning in the tutorials into an exe through PyCharm? I searched google and only found py2exe which I can't figure out at all.

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+1 alex constantin · March 1, 2015
For py2exe, do this:
In the same directory as your main script file, make a file and write this:

from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe

setup(console=['']) #replace for whatever is your main script

Then, in command prompt, type in: cd REPLACEFORDIRECTORY
When you are in the directory, type this in in command prompt: 
python py2exe

Then it will start building the program and will create two new directories, build and dist. Go into dist, and you should have the exe application. Good luck
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