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+4 David Drew · February 28, 2015
Hello i wanna make an app simple just an app with text and menu on the side 
Anyone knw how yo do it
I got bo time to learn app dev so i am looking for something teally somple

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0 David Drew · March 1, 2015
+1 Rich Sharma · March 8, 2015
then you should probably try objective c or, most modern one, swift. bucky has both on his website just go to video and tutorials click computer science press controll(or command if you are using a mac) f and find the swift tutorials. also you need to sign in as a apple developer, and get the 100 dollars a year fee to pay. you must also have a mac and a current version of mac os.
0 uma singh · September 29, 2015
You want to develop an app, but you should have good knowledge on Java, Python and Ruby then you can create a good app if you haven't knowledge  about these languages , then i am going to suggest you to join  iPhone app development course training  for develop application. Here a link
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