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+1 Abhimanyu Aryan · February 28, 2015
I just posted in the wrong place. i.e. bucky's original video: 12 code post. please don't approve it if moderator is having a watch on my post. Well now i should ask my question. This background images doesn't size well in iphone 5 simulator whats wrong? /images/forum/upload/2015-02-28/0586da5ab3426684ec4033cb92b84299.png

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0 Abhimanyu Aryan · March 3, 2015
@Steve Laguna i suggest to get your own: google iphone 5 background & a logo of your dream company or app name....just google and get them. Then push them inside of they images.xcassets as bucky told you....check mine/images/forum/upload/2015-03-03/0748dcbbe0404bf7752727e9d698676d.png
0 Steve Laguna · March 1, 2015
I cannot find these images. Could you post a link to them? Thank you
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