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+2 Mike Jones · February 27, 2015
Using the website or as an example, I have a question about how a website like this functions. From what I understand, the way that these applications work is when you type in information like a zip code, the website goes out and grabs information from these other websites and brings it back to the user who is then given information about hotels in the area, pricing, etc...and then chooses what they want to do. Now I could be wrong about how it works but that is what my understanding of it is.

My question is, how would someone create this? What code would be needed to perform a task like that? Any info would be very helpful. I am just trying to get an exact understanding of how these types of websites work. Thanks

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0 Mike Jones · March 1, 2015
Thank You
0 Abhinav Shukla · February 28, 2015
1. Html does not do these sort of things. Its for a basic webpage.
2. Php can do these sort of things. I recommend using php for this.
3. You need a strong Wi-Fi-connection.
4. You can also use java for this.
0 Mike Jones · February 27, 2015
I'm thinking about this question now and maybe using kayak isn't the best example. Basically I'm just wondering how does a website that takes information from other websites and compiles them for users to look at work? Is there a specific programming language you need to use to access that information? 
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