+1 Earl Hudson · February 27, 2015
What was your first experience with a computer? and What made you want to start programming?

My first experience was when I was a kid and the next door neighbor has an Apple II E, before the days of internet. The first game I ever played on an actual computer was "Soft porn adventure" which later morphed into Leisure suit Larry. Then the arcade games took over. About 15 I bout a new system that had just hit the market, the TI-99 4/A... Scott Adams text adventures were awesome... I wrote a few of them in basic when I was on my commodore 64. These games used the best processor ever, the human mind. They ran off imagination. They made people think, and I fell in love with them. A love I still have to this day...

Okay folks... Your turn.

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+1 Neil Cannon · March 1, 2015
My brother brought a sinclair zx81 and that was the first time I ever saw a computer in the home. 1k memory?
0 Earl Hudson · March 1, 2015
Yes, but back in the day, they were bad ass for what they were. I  never owned a z81  looked like a calculator to me. But I remember them well.
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