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+1 Shanky Slim Shady · June 17, 2014
Hey techies, I joined you guys today itself and feeling great to be a part of this group. Thank you for accepting me. I am an Indian graduate seeking help regarding couple of my problems.

1. I've started learning Java so I referred to the videos uploaded by Bucky (new boston) and found it very useful. I think I've understood the concept behind some of the important Java techniques like threading, interfaces etc...but the thing is I am finding a hard time relating these concepts with the real life scenarios. I mean, let's say.. I've a real life problem which I've to code in Java...which can be implemented through multi-threading. So, how can someone relate these programming concepts with the real life problem so that he can write an efficient java code to solve it? gosh.. m finding it a bit hard to explain too.

The videos of Java uploaded by Bucky are quick to grasp. It tells, what is the use of this and this terminology. But, apart from that....i need something to add to it..which can later enhance my concepts more. Any study resource which can be added to those videos through which I can practice more n more...starting from the simpler more complex ones.

2. Can someone provide me a link from where I can practice windows server R2 and SQL virtually ? My system is not efficient enough to let me install these...

thank you.

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0 William Reed · June 18, 2014
Multi threading allows you to do multiple topics at once. To relate this to a real life scenario it would be like toasting a bagel and watching tv. In this case you would want to have multiple threads because if you didn't you would be stuck waiting for the bagel to stop toasting before you could do anything else. If you could only toast the bagel and do nothing else this would be single threaded. A multi threaded application in java may be something such as reading commands and sending data out. If you make a game server you may want this server to read commands from the command line, but java offers thread blocking solutions so if you only have one thread and expect to read data you could never keep up with the requests of a game to send out data since you will be waiting for input in the command line. If you have multiple threads you could wait for input in one thread and send and receive data on the other. The only problem with this is memory / visibility issues. This is explained in great detail in the book "Java Concurrency in Practice" although I am sure you could read up online. Hope this helps!
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