Can you help me?

+2 Jco Bea · February 26, 2015
Hey guys, Please give me tips in how to be a good programmer..

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+1 Abdullah Nauman · February 26, 2015
Practice, Practice, Practice.... And then practice some more.
+1 Earl Hudson · February 27, 2015
The same way you do with everything else in your life...

Jump in ans start programming, make mistakes, ask questions...
He's the tip... Are you ready? LISTEN to the advice you get... If you don't understand the answer, ask for clarification..
If need be, tell the to talk to you like a 3 year old, whatever it takes... (That's what I do)
+1 Jason Amador · February 27, 2015
This is a beautiful time for anybody who is trying to learn programming, because pretty much all of the tools and information that you need is available for free on the web.  Set a goal, like "learn c++" and get after it.  To get good at solving problems, check out and the cool problems on google code jam website.  Read other developers' blogs, watch the tutorial videos available here on TNB.  Be a sponge and throw yourself in the ocean of free knowledge!
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