Proposed Assembly Course/Mega Primer

+2 Tatrasiel R · February 25, 2015
Good day ,

I am thinking on making an Assembly course for everyone here. What are some things and topics you'd like to go over?

I initially thought that Malware analysis would be neat but I don't want the liability of people potentially infecting their machines.

Would a general course in assembly and modding with a game being modified be a good set up for a course?

I want this to be fun and I would really like to avoid the build an os in assembly....

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0 Abdullah Nauman · February 25, 2015
simple concepts. Like variables, or commands. Maybe how compile something.
0 Tatrasiel R · February 25, 2015
Oh I could cover that in a video.That is border-line googable . I am going to try to make this fun . Is anyone against the idea of changing a game's resolution?
0 Tatrasiel R · March 11, 2015
Ok well I have taken the time to make a few videos on this subject. The first few videos I really want to remake but I go over content constantly that I feel it gets covered.

I will be making more but I would like a few opinions and honest has it's weight in gold.

And if there is a process defined for doing such things let me know please. I am just some one that feels the need to try to pass down knowledge that I've picked up.

I will go enough into depth that you should feel comfortable making modifications and programming in Assembly.

I was tempted on rewriting a static render , but that would probably too extreme for what I should cover.

Things I will go over are things that you might have to do in your enterprise environment.
Basics of assembly
Patching existing programs for meeting your needs 
utilizing C/C++ objects to make additions . 
understanding PE format in some depth and changing it's structure for larger projects.

I am trying to think of some more ideas for this, so suggestions are welcome.
0 Tatrasiel R · March 17, 2015
Updated the Assembly series 

I think after this, I will do IO basics, C Systemfunct , Socket programming , large patches, adding stubs/sections to PE files, Code caving, (Possibly)modifying the IAT, (Maybe)some DDRAW, utilizing assembly in a large project. clean up. Unless anyone wants anything specific or any remakes. 

Ironically, I think the series is already one of the more comprehensive out there and I am still talking about basics. 
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