What is the programming language that I should learn??

+1 ♦Avishka RJ ♦™ · February 25, 2015
I am learning C++  and i need to learn another language. 
What should i select??

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+2 Abdullah Nauman · February 25, 2015
It all depends on what you want to do. 

  • Web Development

  • App Development

  • Software Development

  • OS Development 

  • etc...

If you are not sure, or want to all of them, just take Java!:) 
+2 Jay Deshaun · February 25, 2015
Lol, Java is the best!

Just learn it!
0 ♦Avishka RJ ♦™ · February 25, 2015
I want to do Software Development. So i think It's better learn JAVA.
Thanks friends for Your suggestions.
+1 Abdullah Nauman · February 26, 2015
I mean no offense, but really, i don't think anyone  really cares about how they are categorized, I categorized them based to the main programming language required to do these fields. :) 
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 26, 2015
Its ok :) No harm done :) 
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