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+2 ♦Avishka RJ ♦™ · February 25, 2015
Friends, This is not my homework but when i read a book i found this question under Nyquist Bit rate topic 

We need to send 265 kbps over a noiseless channel with a bandwidth of 20 kHz. How many signal levels

do we need?

I make this using  maximum bit rate = 2Blog2L  this formula 
My answer is 9.18

But that book has calculated it in a different way. Can u tell me whether I am correct 

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0 Pere Garau Burguera · February 25, 2015
What do you mean by signal levels? 
0 ♦Avishka RJ ♦™ · February 25, 2015
"L" is the number of signal  levels used to represent data
0 Pere Garau Burguera · February 25, 2015
Ah I see, it's simply the bits in every symbol. 

You made a mistake when calculating the number. L gives around 98.7 levels. 

I found a power point presentation with that stuff and it's right, it's 98.7. Which is by the way a nonsense.
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