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0 jurgen wolf · February 25, 2015
i dont have the knowledge to create this app

most people use facebook already and most people have a smartphone - i personally have neither one of that

there needs to be an app where i can take a picture of someone and it automatically shows me that persons facebbok profile linked in; instagram or any other social media profile this person is on

it would also be interessting if this app could show me the mydirtyhobby profile of a hot girl if she has one, hehe

this app should also be capable of scanning my sourounding area and tell me whos is around me

for example im on a concert and i automatically get all the information(facebook, my dirrtyhobby, instagram profile) of all the persons that are within lets say 500ft of myself

i wonder why google didnt come up with that yet
just upload a photo to google and it shows me everything bout this person

would something like that even be legit??

there are also lots of other opportunitues this app could give me, law enforcement for example

for example i walk down the street at night and it happens i get robbed, if the robber has also a smartphone it would give me the exact profile of that person

this app could also create a map where i can see which people i have met or im surrounded by all day

the opportunites for this seem endless

what you think about it

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0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · February 25, 2015
have you watched CONTINUUM jurgen? :)
0 jurgen wolf · February 25, 2015
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · February 25, 2015
yea, nice idea, you should watch it man. you will like it..you are already thinking of the future.
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