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0 jurgen wolf · February 24, 2015
Im using apche2 on my linux machine

right now im playing with some code  which i save in my index.php file

my index.php file is located in here

/var/www/html/ index.php

if i type in localhost in firefox everything works as it should

if i type in localhost in chrome a different index.php file pops up (which i created a while back)

the strange thing is this file that pops up in chrome isnt even in that folder /var/www/html/ 

whats goin on here??

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0 Nitin Pathak · February 25, 2015
check apache (httpd.conf) file 
aned search for document root ...I think you may have changed it to other folder
change the path to the folder you want to open as default
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · February 25, 2015
Click on the Chrome menu  on the browser toolbar.
Select Tools.
Select Clear browsing data.
A dialogue window will appear, providing you with a list of checkboxes for the types of information that you wish to have removed.
You can also set how far back in your browsers history you wish to have removed.
Once, you have selected the types of information you wish to remove, click Clear browsing data.

the shortcut keys are:

Shift+Command+Delete for mac
Ctrl+Shift+Delete for linux.
0 jurgen wolf · February 25, 2015
localhost in chrome is showing me a site which isnt in the www folder

how do i clear the cache in chrome??
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · February 25, 2015
using localhost is way  better than a remote host while learning, what i will recommend to jurgen is to use xampp if the www folder keeps giving him problems, these problems could sometimes be even due to permissions.

so if it's ok by you jurgen, I suggest using xampp.

to solve your problem, i think you should clear your cache in chrome or simply rename your file to something else and try.
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 25, 2015
@Raahim, When I tried to set up my own server it was really hard and a pain. Trying to configure apache with PHP and MySQL. I found ByetHost, right before I bout to give up on WebDev. I just want other people who are having the same problem to find this. That's all. If you like Local servers go ahead.
0 jurgen wolf · February 25, 2015
i sked myself the same question  but i dont even want to waste to much time to figure out why he recommends that i want an answer to my question why my localhost is doing what i said he does
0 jurgen wolf · February 24, 2015
ok cool but i want to know why i have this problem with localhost in chrome

honestly i dont caare about free hosting i can get my own hosting, besides with those free hosting services im extremly limited to the content i can host
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 24, 2015
I am not sure why you are getting that warning. If you don't want to risk anything you an use instead. And it's just simpler to use online servers, than to use and set up a local one. 
0 jurgen wolf · February 24, 2015
is byethost even safe

if i go to this site i get a security warning from chrome

why should i use this insteed of localhost??
0 jurgen wolf · February 24, 2015
what is byethost and why should i use this??
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