Accidently wpide my all hardisk and have installed UBUNTU

+3 Rehman . · February 24, 2015
what should i be doing now ? I have seen some recovery tools like TESTDISK and i'm not even able to install those :/
can that data be recovered ? If i install windows back what would be the consequences ??

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0 Rehman . · July 14, 2015
well i got my data back at that time and posted all my experience on a blog too but that comment remained above somewhere i guess.
0 Jon Z. · July 14, 2015
try gparted -> devices -> attempt data rescue
0 Rehman . · July 14, 2015

done throug testdisk and r studio
0 Noah Spagnolo · July 15, 2015
Do you have backup?
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · February 25, 2015
haha, good thing is techies love challenges, this is one you have to solve. and share your results man and the blog link too.

I am positive you will get alot back, not all though.
0 Nitin Pathak · February 25, 2015
it may not possible as you wiped all partitions of your HDD.
I think ubuntu installation formatted your whole HDD to ext3 or ext4 partition.
To install windows again you have to format yor HDD to NTFS as as windows can't recognize partition other than NTFS,FAT and FAT32 ,and that would make data recovery impossible.
0 Tatrasiel R · March 13, 2015
Rehman Jeff good job for the  documentation on  your findings!  I wont need this, but you did the right thing by learning and sharing knowledge. 
0 Serite Ross · July 10, 2015
I wrote Ubuntu over my old Win7 and dont regret it. When i get enough practice here I will be switching to another distro though. I am not as sure about recovering info as others here are but as far as Ubuntu is concerned you might want to keep it. One does not simply install Windows, one must painfully buy the Windows then force the computer to accept its fate ;)
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