How to connect to database globally (PLEASE READ!)

+3 Donald Trump · February 24, 2015
Lets say I have a domain, and I want to connect to database so that everyone can be able to see the information pulled from it. Of course, this can be done in localhost without problems, but that can only work for the single computer, and I want everyone to see it. For practice, I still don't want to buy an actual domain because that would be a waste of money, so instead, i'm using a free domain ( I know everything about setting up a connection and the SQL queries, but locally only. Oh, and another thing, i'm using C# for this.

TLDR: how to connect to database on a hosting service using C#?

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+1 Dave . · March 3, 2015
Websites that connect to databases do it by sometype of server side scripting either php or asp depending on site needs.

The php/asp script will connect to the database usually by localhost port 3306.

The end user connects to the website site to view the page that will display the desired databased based on what page they are on or what information they requested.

If you want a working example install OS Tickets on your test server.

You will need to have a working Web server either Apache (linux or windows) or IIS 7 (Windows only) installed.

PHP and MySQL will need installed as well.

You  will need to have a MySQL user who will be dedicated to using the OS Tickets database. Root is a bad choice but could be used for testing since this is only an example to you. You will end up deleting it anyway.

If you need to learn PHP or ASP got to this site for free classes
0 Dave . · February 27, 2015
I have read your question a couple of times and I just don't understand your setup.

could you ask it again but put in more specific details that explains it better.

Ultimately I may not be able to help but I would like the chance.
0 Donald Trump · February 27, 2015
Imagine that I have a database file created in phpmyadmin in localhost.

How can I take that file, put it on the server, and connect to That database (which is no longer located in my pc).

Live example: websites like amazon, ebay, and similar, are obviously using some kind of a database, or websites that have a login/registration also use a database. That is the same process I want to do; store the info the user has entered into the database, and display it on the web page.

Am I more clear now and what did you not understand at the first question? If you still don't understand, tell me..
0 Donald Trump · February 25, 2015
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