Here is the goal. 
The coffee cost $1.25 and the cashier will offer to add on coffee like milk,cream,sugar or artSweet the problem is I only 
know how to add only (1) one, I don't know how to allow my user to add more than 1 and display his ordered.

" Define a class named CoffeeOrder. Declare a private static field that holds the price of a cup of coffee as $1.25. 
Include private integer fields that you set to a flag value of 1 or 0 to indicate whether the order should have any of 
the following: cream, milk, sugar, or artificial sweetener. Include a public function that takes a user’s order from 
the keyboard and sets the values of the four fields in response to four prompts. If the user indicates both milk and 
cream, turn off the milk flag to allow only cream. If the user indicates both sugar and artificial sweetener, turn off 
the artificial sweetener flag, allowing only sugar. Include another function that displays the user’s completed order. 
Write a main() function that declares a CoffeeOrder object and calls the data entry and display methods. The 
solution should continue to ask a user for an order in a loop until the user indicates the order is complete or 10 
orders have been placed, whichever comes first. After the user indicates that ordering is complete, display a recap 
of all the coffee orders, including the cream, milk, sugar, and sweetener status of each, as well as a count of the 
number of coffees ordered and the total price. "

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class CoffeeOrder
static double cupOfCoffee;

int cream;
int milk;
int sugar;
int artSweet;
string flavor;

void displayValues();
void takeOrder();

void CoffeeOrder::displayValues()
cout<<"Your Coffee Includes: "<<flavor<<endl;

void CoffeeOrder::takeOrder()
char cInput;
char sInput;

cout <<"Input 1 if you want to add: "<<endl;
cout <<"Do you want to add a cream? ";
cout <<"Do you want to add a Milk? ";
cout <<"Do you want to add a sugar? ";
cout <<"Do you want to add a Artificial Flavor? ";
cin>>artSweet ;

if(cream == 1)
flavor = cream;
flavor = "cream";
if (milk == 1)
flavor = milk;
flavor = "milk";
if (sugar == 1)    
flavor = sugar;
flavor = "sugar";
if (artSweet == 1)     
flavor = artSweet ;
flavor = "artificial flavor";

double CoffeeOrder::cupOfCoffee = 1.25;
int main()

CoffeeOrder aCoffee;

return 0;