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0 Vishnu Gt · June 17, 2014
I am very new beginner with respect to PHP.

I have installed wamp server on my windows-8. 
And I created my first hello world php script 

echo "hello world!";

and saved it as .php.
When i open this via my browser after putting my wamp server online...i just see a blank page..although i can see the source code of the page..

but some others code gets executed but not fully though.

Thanks in advance

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0 Miloslav Nosek · June 17, 2014
Seems like you've got the opening tag wrong :).

Try to insert the code like:


echo "Hello world";


if the whole document is just PHP, closing tag is optional and sometimes its better not to include it, it will save you some headaches in the future because of errors that might occur after the closing tag :).
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