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0 Christopher Davis · February 24, 2015
class AppDelegate: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate {

I was following along with your video and when I went to run the simulator in the middle of loading the app it would bring up the debugger and point towards this point in the AppDelegate.swift.  It also shows "thread 1: signal SIGABRT"  Does anyone know what this is and how I can correct this for this app and for another other time I might see this problem cause it stops the app from running.
Chris Davis

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0 Vincent Hamilton · August 30, 2015
Hi there, I have a question about this piece of code 

let title = sender.titleForState(.Normal)!

Here's the question: If I understand correctly, the part


Returns a string which is the title of the sender in its "normal" state, and the  "!" means that there is inevitably a value for that. What I don't understand is that title is declared as a constant, but when we call 

buckysLabel.text = "You clicked the \(title) button"

the value of title changes every time. Is it because every time you click the button, you redeclare the constant, so it is allowed to change?

thanks, and btw, love the videos. It helps a lot.
+1 Omar Abdulaziz · February 24, 2015
I guess that your problem occurs from the Main.storyboard.

Go to the Main.storyboard, then press ctrl and click the yellow circle in you view or screen, you will find a yellow warning sign, delete it.

Hope that helps.
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