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+5 Abdullah Nauman · February 24, 2015
I just thought, that before we actually get in to the development process. We should make a team list just so everyone know who is part of the team. I mean the only people I now are Daniel, Sheldon, and Landon. I know there are more people. So, if you are part of the team just post your name.  

Team List For Orion Project:

Sheldon Juncker
Abdullah Nauman
Daniel Collier
Landon Lubman

Just post your name below, if you are part of the team! :) 

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0 Daniel Collier · March 4, 2015
we should get started
0 Abdullah Nauman · March 4, 2015
Ok, has everyone set it up?
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Orion Programming Language Project


This forum is for the users on TNB who are working on developing the Orion programming language. Anyone is welcome to take part in this project. More information will be posted soon.