What is your favorite development language, and why?

+1 Abdullah Nauman · February 24, 2015
Personally my favorite is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can't pick one, because in this combination, one is useless without the other. I like these because, these allow be to do endless things, I can add all the functionality I want, it all depends on me.  I can use these to make websites, software(like brackets.io) and even mobile apps(https://www.build.phonegap.com). As many of you know, the future of the world is the Web and mobile. So I really think these skills will be beneficial in the long run.

I'd love to hear your opinion, on what is your favorite development language and why. :) 

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+1 Jay Deshaun · February 24, 2015
You're right, The future is Web and Mobile, and also I do like developing in HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, etc...

But since Java is mostly used in over a billion devices then I would most likely use it to create games and other apps other than using web since it could only take you so far.
0 Sampan Verma · May 5, 2015
I love the console language i made using JavaScript, its kind of awesome and I will release it pretty soon
0 Dol Lod · May 5, 2015
My favorite is C++. It is a very flexible language. It may not be as robust as Java, but it is good for performance and has a good coding style. It gives you the most options and flexibility for what the programmer can do. 
0 Gregory Ballantine · May 5, 2015
Personally, I'm a huge sucker for Ruby and Python. There's so much you can do with the two on the web with Ruby on Rails and Django, as a sys admin for scripting/automation, and they're very syntactically clean languages (in my opinion). Heck, a lot of school software is developed in these two languages, like Puppet (ruby), a lot of the utilities on Linux distributions are made in Python, and I think even Twitter used to be based on Rails.

Web design/development languages are fun to play with too, especially once you dive into other resources like SASS, CoffeeScript, Jade, or whatever else is out there.
0 Alan Johnson · June 4, 2015
My favorite language is C#. You can use it to do anything you want from mobile apps, web development, windows apps and game development - just like Java but better (haha)
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