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+1 Julijus Juska · February 23, 2015

I'm beggining android programming and installing Android studio to my laptop (with Windows XP) and it tells me that "SDK tools directory is missing". What should I do? 

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+2 Nicholas Eason · February 23, 2015
From what I can tell you with the information you provided, give it the SDK tools directory.
0 Julijus Juska · February 24, 2015, will that help? And Nicolas, how do you give it the SDK tools directory?
0 Nicholas Eason · February 25, 2015
Upon using a Google search, I figured out that you need to set the SDK path to a different path than Android Studio installs to. So hit finish, start reinstalling, but change the SDK path to somewhere else (I use C:/SDK).
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