How can write a website proposal?

+1 chima nwangwu · June 17, 2014
Pls anybody with a clue on how to write a website proposal for a company into Agriculture(poultry farming etc). I cannot really outline all the possible solutions they will need. pls any help?

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+1 elisa grace · July 15, 2016
If you want to write best website proposal then you need some basic  background on what a persuasive proposal is made of.  It is termed as  persuasive proposal because  that’s exactly what your proposal has to be.  It must  be able to create an impression in the mind of  the reader that you’re the absolutely best person for the job.

Persuasive proposal consists of three parts:

Problem statement :
An effective proposal talks about client’s needs and their drivers.  How can you do so? It is through the description of  common problems on the basis of  which they must believe you understand their needs.

Proposed Solution
Whatever the common has been on the platform you must provide its solution for this you may have to completely redesign the existing website.

Pricing Information

Your website must contain latest information, so that it may remove all the doubts of the frequent visitors and customers to your site.

Repeatable Proposals
You must have basic knowledge about the elements of a persuasive proposal and the best way , is to use proposal software as it take care of a lot of the manual steps, but we will look at templates so you get a low-level understanding of how they should be put together. For this purpose you have to create two templates in Microsoft Word and classify these templates by proposal size: large and small. This will make the process easy to know when to use which proposal. If the project is small, then it will get a small proposal.

Small Proposal Outline

-Client Needs

-Recommended Solution

-Fee Summary

-Next Steps

Large Proposal Outline

-Goals and Objectives

-Recommended Solution

-Fee Summary

-Fee Schedule

 -Estimated Project Schedule

-Next Steps

-Terms and Conditions

Finishing Touches
At this time now you have two templates  and their outline. Now you have to add a little style to your proposal. It can be done with the help of the designer. At the last step you must add some text to the proposal outline, so that it will helpful in copy and pasting the instructions in this article if need be.
+2 Ethan Fraser · June 17, 2014
To start off simply, if you're designing the layout of the site I suggest you do exactly that, make some pages displaying the different ways content will be displayed and further more what content can go where, make sure that you have a relatively versatile design. You must ensure that you ask the client (in this case the company you're making it for) what sort of look they are going for. Do they want simplistic and modern or would they like a sleek and content filled page? It highly depends, for example it could end up looking something like this ( for a more modern approach (that's just a crummy main page of a website of mine, I disabled the right click). The main thing that you must know is what is needed, what is wanted and what you can offer. After you have a few designs for the site and extra pages you should perhaps make something a document detailing those pages, one for each. Everything from the compatibility in Internet Explorer to the estimated load time. Just note that you draw these and write them, do not make them if they are not the job. You can get paid for the designing but they aren't likely to pay you if you spend a month making websites that are just examples and weren't even used.

If you have any questions or feel I missed something just message me, I hope this helped.
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