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0 Viraj Aditya · February 23, 2015
The site's great. But, a couple of things which I'd like to point out -
The Chat Menu at the top: when clicked, a side-box pops up and the user can then chat with the other members. The things I disliked about this were:

  • It does not allow to open the user's profile by clicking on their name in the chat box.

  • There's no chat history available once you close the window and the user goes offline.

  • No Online/Offline status of the user.

  • Slow response.

It would be great if you could address these problems.

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+1 Abdullah Nauman · February 23, 2015
Yea, Bucky said that he was going to change the chat system soon. Add things like user status, and group chat.
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