Help With Storing PHP Sessions In MySQL?

0 Jeff Allen · June 17, 2014
I'm trying to make a class to store PHP Sessions in MySQL, as I've read that default PHP sessions aren't very secure and can be hijacked, which is something the people of my future website don't need. 

Any help with this would be great!

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0 Jeff Allen · June 19, 2014
Hey thanks! Althought I've already checked this out.

The problem with this tutorial is it doesn't show how to use the class after it's been created, like how to start the session. I could just be stupid haaha but I couldn't figure it out. I've found a different tutorial though.

+3 Samuel Oloruntoba · June 19, 2014
check out this little tut by philip brown CLICK ME
0 Jeff Allen · June 18, 2014
I meant in a database (hence the MySQL :))

But thanks for the help anyways, I did figure it out. I've now got secure sessions being added to the database.
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