Hi guys,

since I just took up programming in C a couple of weeks ago and do not feel confident to do this I am posting only the pseudo-code or algorithm the way I see this should be implemented. I Googled a bit, I must admit, and have found that this is to be solved with some things not covered in Bucky's lessons up to the point where challenge was introduced :) (like "gets ()", buffers, etc.). The way I see it, I can either:

- test the string character by character for category (first all chars for alpha, then all chars for digit, ...)
- test each character for all three categories before moving to the next one (is first Uppercase, is first digit, is first symbol, move to the second, ...)

Any help and tips appreciated.

// includes


// declare needed variables

   char variable 'password';

// function main(), get user input, do the tests, notify user

main() {

   printf (ask user to enter password);
   scanf (store the input into a variable 'password');

// test requirements, output notifications

       (test for at least one uppercaseChar)

           IF found proceed to digit test, ELSE notify user and ask for another input

       (test for at least one digit)

           IF found proceed to symbol, ELSE notify user and ask for another input

       (test for at least one specialCHar)

           IF found notify user "OK", ELSE notify and ask for another input

return 0;