Not showing saved text Tutorial 66... weird

0 Jose Munoz · February 22, 2015
The app SEEMS to be working... no errors.  But when it displays the text I'm getting something like:{53349784 VFED .. ....... app:id/yourName}/{5334bb3c VFED .. ....... app:id/yourPassword}

where yourName and yourPassword were the variable names I used in my app.  I just installed the most recent Android Studio and I'm wondering if that's causing the problem.

Any ideas?  If I can find buckys code I'll try installing and running that and see what I get.

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0 Jose Munoz · February 22, 2015
My bad.... I failed to insert gettext() before the toString() in the field conversion.
0 Jose Munoz · February 23, 2015
User error... I failed to insert getText() before the toString() method
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