Memory Allocation

0 Stevan Zečević · February 21, 2015
Hi guys i'm new in python so i want to know how to allocate memory for array in python i know in c you use malloc in java new and so on but i cant find it for python it's freaking bugging me 

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0 Tatrasiel R · February 21, 2015
Python does this automatically. It will also garbage collect for you as well :)

There is a way to turn off the garbage collection , some one asked about this in

Here are some articles you can read about this Memory Management:

In the end, I would worry about coding properly, cleanly and understandable (pythonic). If you're efficient in your practices and choose good algorithms , you should be fine in coding your project. 
0 Stevan Zečević · February 22, 2015
tnx a lot :)
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