Next Internet Version/s?

0 Developer John · February 20, 2015
Hello programmers! I was thinking about this lately. Would if we created an Internet Two? Would it consist of  graphical user interfaces using holograms in reality? Would about Internet Three? Would this consist of an API for users to follow, in order to create real world objects with computer code? There is an API due to the fact that the users have to be somewhat limited. If Internet Three were to be created, doesn't that mean we're in a matrix? These questions get me going. Lol.8-)

-Please share your thoughts. I'm very curios to know other people's opinions on this.;)

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0 Developer John · February 22, 2015
I just realized the feeling of me visioning the thoughts of certain people criticizing me referencing to this thread.
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 22, 2015
0 Developer John · February 22, 2015
Should I delete the thread?:'(:ermm:
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