How to think like a programmer??

+2 Tommy C · February 20, 2015
So here it's my question, 

How do I get better thinking as programmer???

I am still a beginner, I already know the basics but it's getting harder for me to step up.

For me it's getting easier day by day to read and understand someone else code, but then when I need to do my own starting from scratch it's a completely different story.
A friend told me that before I think on any code language I should think what I want to accomplish, how and then starting writing the code...   I usually go in the right direction but I'm not able to get there...

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0 Tommy C · March 17, 2015
You are right, it was killing my motivation as I was thinking that with less time I will be able to accomplish more, and also many times I'm not sure if I was following the right path. 

Anyway now I see the things different and I was looking for an idea to start a project so hopefully this will really help me in stay motivated, keep practising and finally be able to think like a programmer :D!!.

Soon will be asking you for some advice to make it happen !! 


0 Developer John · March 17, 2015
No problem. 
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