How to think like a programmer??

+2 Tommy C · February 20, 2015
So here it's my question, 

How do I get better thinking as programmer???

I am still a beginner, I already know the basics but it's getting harder for me to step up.

For me it's getting easier day by day to read and understand someone else code, but then when I need to do my own starting from scratch it's a completely different story.
A friend told me that before I think on any code language I should think what I want to accomplish, how and then starting writing the code...   I usually go in the right direction but I'm not able to get there...

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+2 Seems Legit · February 20, 2015
I totally understand you my dear friend! A few years ago when I started getting in to programming I had a friend of mine who was an engineer. He never told me anything about syntax or what language is the best. He always said to me: you have to build a programmers brain. The problem is, there is no exact right way to build this. As you get older your brain is developing. Like for example abstract thinking (which is needed for programming) develops by most people when they are around 18. Some get it at a younger age, some never get it. So time is the key in my opinion. Of course you have to feed your brain. The core things are programming and maths, so you will have to train both skills very good. But don't be limited by that. Learn as much as you can to keep your brain 'oiled'. Get to know how programming works, get to know how computers work. But also try to learn things such as how the human body works, how physics work, how language works. The more you learn the more you know and the more diffirent spectrums and point of views your brain can acces. Again, time is the key so practise as much as you can. And whenever you're stuck on a program, just ask here at thenewboston :)
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