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0 shaun hester · February 19, 2015
so my question is quick and simple there is different IDEs for different coding languages then there are ides for multiple like netbeans for instance. my question is what is your opinion , have any of you used netbeans and is it good for using as a primary goto for IDEs? thank you

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+1 Seems Legit · February 20, 2015
You can indeed use Netbeans for both, especially with Netbeans 8.0.2 but with older versions there is also a plugin I believe. For using Java it's a great IDE and I would recommend it. As for Python I can't make my opinion beceause I don't have any experience with Python.
0 shaun hester · February 20, 2015
im doing java and python and heard you can use netbeans for both
0 Seems Legit · February 19, 2015
I like Netbeans it's quite good. Initialy I was using Eclipse for Java but then I tried Netbeans which works better with SceneBuilder. It mostly depends on the language and what you want to do but Netbeans is fine.
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