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+1 Robin Smekens · February 19, 2015
Hi everyone,
I followed bucky's 3dsmax tutoriuls but I was wondering where I go now. Is there more documentation to really start modeling and creaty low poly models or something?

thx for reading . 

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0 Seems Legit · February 19, 2015
3dsmax has this tutorial platform called Digital Tutors where they teach and train you on certain things. The negative side is that you have to pay membership, the positive side is that you will know EVERYTHING from the subject you learn. Maybe there are places that offer them free I'm not sure but you can definitely check it out.

Of course no one likes to pay so you could also just experiment with it and try and let you imagination work. You can look up other tutorials on youtube on how to create certain things and along you go you will gain more experience and be able to create more. 

Have fun! :)
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