0 srinidhi kowshik · February 19, 2015
difference between function and method in java 

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0 Branislav Lazic · February 19, 2015
There are no functions in Java. And generally methods are similar to functions.

Major difference is that methods are defined in classes and they do not require specific keyword for their definition. 
Such as: def, fun, df, function etc.

Concrete methods in Java require bodies, while in some programming languages function body is not required (i.e. Scala).

Methods in Java cannot have anonymous functions as parameters.

Methods in Java must have defined return type. In languages like Scala, return type is often optional.

Example of differencies: 


public int getValue() {
    return 0;

Equivalent in Scala for example:

// Requires keyword to be defined
def getValue(): Int = 0
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 19, 2015
Yes, its the mostly the same thing. Just a different word.
0 rubambura erck · February 19, 2015
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