Negative bitcoin transfer ???

+3 Jayanth Varma B · June 16, 2014
Guys i got a serious problem here. I used this site to learn some bitcoin. It pays you in bitcoin when we visit some sites it gives. I did and got 64 mBTC and it transferred those BTC to my buckysroom wallet. I saw the transfer log and thought that it was done. But later did i notice that the transfer was in negative number and i received nothing and lost bitcoins. Can someone send negative bitcoins that take our bitcoins ? ? ? Here is the image of my wallet log. Any advice on what i should do to get back my bitcoins or what did actually went wrong. Thanks in advance.

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+4 Bucky Roberts · June 16, 2014
Don't worry, you still have your Bitcoins. We just added pagination to the Bitcoin wallet and it messed up the display columns. We are fixing it now. 

And if by some random chance you did lose your Bitcoins, I will reimburse you double :)
0 Jayanth Varma B · June 18, 2014
Sorry bucky but the problem still exist. But interesting it took a new turn. Look at the Balance in the From/To columns below. They changed compared the previous picture while all the other strings of data remained same. Maybe the bug fix became a new bug in my situation. Just kidding, have a look at this first. It might become a serious problem to your wallet maintenance system.

+2 James Grimshaw · June 18, 2014
There is a problem with the display, and Bucky is getting it fixed at the moment. You haven't lost any Bitcoins, and you can check your actual balance and transfers by going to and typing in your Bitcoin address in the search field.

+1 Jayanth Varma B · June 18, 2014
Ya James I know. I checked it a while ago and my BTC are still in my wallet. Thanks for the link. And i messaged bucky about the main problem i.e the display problem.
+3 Jayanth Varma B · June 19, 2014
Looks like the bug is fixed. The calculations are all correct right now. Here is the recent click of my wallet. And thanks for the BTC bucky. You rock. This site will be a hit ;-)


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