What to do with Python? Also Should I switch to Python 3?

+1 Austin Whitelaw · February 19, 2015
Alright so I've switch from language to language and never really got deep into anything. I know little bits about Python, C++, Java, and a couple others, but the point is that I never really did anything with them.

Python has always been a recommended beginner language, so I'm trying to take the steps to actually learn to do stuff with this. Sure I can make some simple command line things but complete projects are never command line things. So basically my question is, where do I go with this? How do I move on? I learned most of the stuff from thenewboston's original Python tutorials, but that only covers things that we can do in a command line. I don't know where to go from here.

Also, when I first started learning Python way back, it was always recommended to use Python 2 because Python 3 was newer and had was less libraries and such. Years have passed and I see how that thenewboston has tutorials for Python 3. Should I go ahead and learn this instead or is Python 2 still the main one used? I'm sure Python 3 is similar but has some syntax differences or something.

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0 alex constantin · March 1, 2015
Same happens to me, thanks Nishant for your post! :D
0 Nishant Kumar Thakur · February 22, 2015
I have been in your shoes ~2 years back and I followed below steps:-

  1. Learnt GUI programming in python - Some prominent ones are Tkinter (comes bundled with standard python installation), PySide, PyQT (it is much easier to learn PyQT as it comes with a GUI designer)

  2. Learnt creating websites and webservices in python - You could start with something simple like Flask (I use it extensively for internal websites at my work) or a full-fledged framework like 'Django'

  3. Learning mobile app development in python using Kivy framework.

  4. Learning never stops; we would figure something out together for this point! :)

Hope it helps!
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