Whats your learning Method.

+1 shaun hester · February 19, 2015
Ok im new but i figure sharing a little on how we approach learning might help other people as well. so for me i do four things . First I watch the tutorial all the way through ..then i listen to it as i try to follow along . then i write down anything i might need to work on more then i use google to look up a way to add  at least one change to what i did with the tutorial that still goes with the tutorial so that it helps solidify what ive been trying to learn. anyhow thats what I do. I would be curious to see some of you guys methods as well.. thank you and as always happy learning.

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0 Inner_Peace :) · February 19, 2015
That's a nice way to follow through! I am perhaps very lazy to write down things and try to make my mind sustain everything Bucky says. I guess that's because I have just started with these Android tutorials. Hopefully I will be playing around various tools and venture to make my own app after a few more vids :)
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